What is the API?

Using our AffDash.com API you can make automatic requests to receive all you affiliate statistics. Easily send your request via HTTP-Request and the response will be served either in HTML, JSON, CSV, XML or XLS format.

How can I use the API?

You need the API Key for the authentication process. You can generate your personal API Key in your account settings.
Generate API Key
The API Key is your personal username for the AffDash.com API and has to be submitted with every request.

IP Lock (optional)
For further safety you can define a certain IP Adress within the API settings of your account. If you set this IP lock access will only be granted if the request is coming from this IP adress.

How do I request data via the API?

After generating your API Key use the following URL to request your statistics:
Replace the variables in the URl with the desired values following this schema:

  1. {your-api-key} - your generated API-Key for API access
  2. {startDate} - start date (YYYY-MM-DD), is included
  3. {endDate} - end date (YYYY-MM-DD), is included
  4. {format} - desired output format (html, json, csv, xml oder xls)

Example request to receive the statistics in CSV format for one month::

Example request to receive the statistics in HTML format for one day:

How often can I access the API?

Currently we have a limit of 1,000 API-requests per day per account. The counter resets every night at midnight.

Which period can I access?

You can access any period for which statistics are available in AffDash.com. With one API call you can only request a period of 31 days max, though.